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Welcome to Porcelany.cz

Porcelain accompanies humankind since its origins in the form of dishes, vases, decorations, works of art, furniture, jewelry and paintings. Porcelain and ceramics, according to Feng Shui, are in the category of Earth element. Vases glazed surfaces are more yang and they lead the CHI universal energy quickly and smoothly. They are the positive element of the interior.

The name porcelain comes from the Italian word "porcella" - in a figurative translation as "sea shells" or "Pearl" for their similarity to glaze porcelain. Europeans were, thanks to Marco Polo, who around the year 1290 brought the first products from Chinese porcelain to Europe, fascinated by the quality, characteristics and especially the artistic level of these products. In late antiquity (end 15cent.) and the early modern period the porcelain products were evaluated as the gold around the world.

Especially the vases represent the practical, valueable and esthetic element of an interior and an exterior uptoday.

Chinese vases have become fascinating us in the mid of 90s.

A silhouette of a vase is like a silhouette of a woman.


Selection of vases for the house interior depends on a space available, particularly of its size, height, variability and a dislocation of a furniture and paint. Large size vases in our offer, can be described as a solitare piece. So they can stand alone on the ground with no other decorations.

The oval shape of vases prevents also the CHI energy stagnation in the dark corners of the interior and allow the smooth flow.

Sometimes we put a vase on a wooden stand and it can be completed by the fresh or dried flowers, dry tree branches, artificial decorations or exotic woods.


Garden vases are chosen from the higher types and they are placed mostly in pairs (2pcs). The set can be completed with the porcelain table and seat tabourets or water lily bowl.

Special requests

We make vases also according to an individual requirements on the shape, design, color or size. We work with production workshops in China that produce for us vases and decorative porcelain custom made