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BULLHEAD Ltd.. is the trading company, doing business with China for over 15 years. We are interested in the Chinese vases for 20 years and we import them 10 years.

Assortment of products we choose by ourself or it is based on the customers requirements, respectively on the local designers .

We do not purchase porcelain through middleman, but directly from the manufacturers from China. Imports into the Czech Republic is managed completely by ourselves to ensure that these treasures will not be broken during the ocean transport and transhipments in ports and that they will reach our customers in order.

Chinese vases represent for us three values:

Art - the piece of art, hand-crafted natural material backed by the millennial tradition.

Value – the timeless quality product as the preserver of the value.

Decorative - the unique interior decoration or the solitaire.

For centuries, the quality of Chinese vases is recognized in the world and they are the part of the interiors, so we believe that this trend will be continue.